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We help our clients in improving labour productivity by enhancing lifestyle, vitality, well-being and health of employees.

Our clients appreciate the depth of our state-of-the art scientific knowledge and our smooth project implementation.

The online EVALUA Sante© Health Risk Appraisal (i.e. the Sante Q) identifies health problems, unhealthy lifestyles and impaired work ability. The Sante Q predicts at group level increased risk for sickness absence and work disability and helps to target evidence-informed and cost-effective interventions.

About Sante Q
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Driving lifelong employability and customer success, performance and respect – these are all integral part of the way we do business. We always try to exceed expectations. We take pride in our reliability. We get things done.

About Us

Our personnel surveys assess key motivational factors at work. Improve the profitability of your unit by removing frustrating obstacles that hinder effective performance at work.

Personnel Surveys

We help in interpreting the survey results and in choosing appropriate follow-up actions for the best of our clients.

Key People
Jan Schugk

Evalua has proven to be a valuable partner for companies in providing information to support the management of well-being, health and work ability and equally in avoiding costs associated with ill health and work disability.

Jan Schugk
Chief Medical Officer, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK

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